Online property search made easy with the IDX solution hosted by Virginia broker Alesa Esmond
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Online property search made easy with the IDX solution hosted by Virginia broker Alesa Esmond

EUGENE, OR – May 13, 2013 – (RealEstateRama) — IDX Broker software has been enabled on yet another real estate website. This time IDX, Inc. and Fairfax, Virginia real estate agent Alesa Esmond have joined forces to create an innovative property search page. As a member of the Metropolitan Regional Info System (MRIS), Esmond has long had access to thousands of detailed home listings. Now, her clients can experience the same levels of accessibility and freedom to search the database, a privilege once reserved only for Virginia agents and brokers. The convenience and timesaving capabilities of the website of Esmond have forever revolutionized the real estate website she hosts.

Search tools once only skimmed the surface of MRIS listings. The IDX solution Esmond supports, digs deeper, to retrieve the property listings most relevant to each buyer and their real estate needs. Five searches, the basic, advanced, map, address and listing ID, work in different ways to scan and narrow the MRIS listings based on the customized terms each buyer can create online. Home seekers can even save their searches and return later to continue, or elect to receive automatic email notifications. These alerts notify potential buyers when a property that matches their saved requests is listed on MRIS or by Esmond. All of these timesaving tools work to simplify the online real estate search for all those involved.

Esmond has never had so much direct access to control the behind-the-scenes operations of managing a real estate website, as she now receives with her custom IDX solution. Her own login page gives her one secure location to control and manage all of the administrative duties that come with running her own professional website. It has never been so easy for an agent or broker, like Esmond, to connect with clients, review MRIS trending reports and manage property listings. IDX Broker has made running a real estate website and conducting business online, so easy for Esmond and every other agent that integrated an IDX solution to their search page.

Alesa Esmond

Alesa Esmond is a real estate broker with Long and Forster Realtors of Fairfax, Virginia.

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